Unlock the power of  AAuto and VINCUE at NADA 2024!


Are you ready to take Market Share in 2024?


  1. Are you leveraged to meet your sales goal and not risk being overexposed in this volatile post-Covid market?
  1. Do you know your inventory desirability by channel, segment, price band, and trim for optimal turn and profitability? 



If you could have a mission control center to monitor in real-time the operating efficiency of your inventory by volume and channel, matched to the right marked demand dynamics, and priced right for optimal profitability would that give you the confidence to run faster and take market share?




Our software, AAuto, is a game-changer in acquisition management, designed to navigate the challenges of the post-COVID market. Integrated with VINCUE, you can navigate volatile markets and reach your desired outcomes faster and more profitability using VINCUE’s intuitive Vehicle Lifecycle Management platform.


With AAuto’s first-of-its-kind operational Health Monitor, the “Agile Ratio” “dealers will be empowered to know their operational status in a glace of the dashboard to quickly identify and fix operational inefficiencies. More importantly, with our proprietary guidance and insights, dealers can seamlessly use their VINCUE Vehicle Buying Plan to increase efficiency and take market share.


Come by VINCUE’s booth, 4142 West at NADA this year to get your Agile Ratio, take a test drive the AAuto platform and discover how the team at Agile Auto is redefining inventory acquisition management.

John Ellis CEO & Founder of The Automotive Advisor Team, LLC

Author: John Ellis

Founder & CEO, Agile Auto, Inc. The Automotive Advisor Team, Inc. BEVEveryting, Inc. Double E Consulting, Inc.

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