Do the numbers 27%, 39%, 29%, 47% mean anything to you? Probably not. Yet, if you knew these were the percentages of sub-$20K inventory stocked by CarMax, Carvana, AutoNation, and HGreg respectively, you might view them differently. How does your inventory stack up in comparison? Analyzing data daily, much like the late great Kobe Bryant reviewed game film, data is crucial. Kobe’s unmatched dedication to understanding his strengths and weaknesses through data helped him excel. My mentor imparted the same wisdom to me: rely on data over gut feelings.


Understanding competitors is key—not to copy blindly, but to uniquely position ourselves just as Kobe did, taking cues only from the best, learning and adapting their strategies to fit his game. Kobe only copied the GOAT. So, who’s your mentor? Who guides you to refine your strategies and drive your dealership to new heights? Remember, in the world of auto sales, knowledge isn’t just power—it’s profit.


1.Decisions: Use data to analyze which models and makes are most popular and profitable. Adjust your purchasing decisions based on real-time data to avoid overstocking or understocking.


2. Pricing Strategy: Implement dynamic pricing models where the prices of vehicles are adjusted based on inventory levels, market demand, and competitor pricing.


3. Customer Insights: Use CRM systems to track customer interactions, preferences, and buying history to tailor your marketing and sales strategies effectively.


In essence, embodying the “Kobe Bryant mentality” in auto dealership involves meticulous preparation, in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape, relentless self-improvement, and strategic use of data. These elements can significantly enhance your ability to buy and sell cars more effectively, improving both customer satisfaction and dealership profitability. This is something that The Automotive Advisor Team can assist you with. With a team of buyers that has over 100 years of combined experience we have been able to navigate the up and downs of the market for many years.


Frank Knox | 5F Consulting and Acquisitions

Author: Frank Knox

Frank has spent more than 20 years in the Auto Industry. His qualifications include serving as the Purchasing Manager for several CarMax locations before moving to one of the largest independent dealers in the country.

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